I know I’ve been extremely absent lately. I apologize. This website depresses me. It makes me extremely lonely. It makes me depressed. I hate seeing things posted from people who have hurt me or upset me. I hate seeing pictures of people I’ll never meet or people I like that I’ll never be with. This whole website just frustrates me. It used to be such an outlet, and it’s just turned on me so badly. Ugh.

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Ringo died last night. I cried my eyes out. We brought him to the vet to get cremated this morning. I’m feeling beyond numb now.

I just cleaned the entire fucking entryway to my house. By myself. While my dad just sat there and watched me do it. By myself. Now, I mean, it’s not a huge entryway. It’s not like our house is huge. But there was a lot of shit in it. And he just sat there.

Know how I know I’m a good mommy to my fur babies? I’m willing to give up sleep for them. Up at 5:30AM and a half hour earlier than I need to be at 10:30AM to force feed Ringo. He’s not doing good, y’all. I think I’m gonna have to get him put down.

I wish we could win some money or something so that dad and I wouldn’t have to work so much and I could figure out what the fuck I want to do with my life and maybe go back to school or something. Ugh.

I think Tom Brady might cry tonight.

I love when fetish/porn blogs find pictures I posted over two fucking years ago and then just start going through my entire collection of tagged/me images and liking everything. Jesus fucking Christ get a god damn life.

Yo, you know how I tell the scummy guys from the ok guys? If they use snapchat or kik, they’re scummy.

Saw the national Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast with the women in my family tonight. I’m the one in the green (if you couldn’t tell). Best time I’ve had in a while.

I am also very, very close to shutting this blog down. I’ve had it for two years and it got me through some extremely hard times, but it’s getting harder for me to log on every day, not have interaction from other people, see people blogging that have hurt me. I’m not doing as well emotionally lately as I’d like to make you or myself think. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I am sick and fucking tired of living with this despicable human being. And this despicable human being put me in so much debt that I can’t move out on my fucking own. That, my friends, is called abuse and manipulation.

I live in NJ.

I’m going to South Carolina in less than a month to see my best friend for the first time in years, and our first time visiting her there. And she’s got another friend up here that I swear to god is trying to one up our friendship. She’s going to visit less than a month after we’re going. And I’ve never seen such ridiculous, desperate bullshit before. I post a status about how excited I am to be seeing her, this dipshit posts a status about how excited SHE is to see her. I gush about all the awesome stuff we’re going to do when we’re down, dipshit does the same fucking thing right after me. I just want to fucking scream.

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